» » Syphilic - In The Pen (2018)
Syphilic - In The Pen (2018)

Syphilic - In The Pen

CD (Compact-Disc)
  • Album name:
    In The Pen
  • Country of consignment:
    United States
  • Style of execution:
  • Type:
    Studio album
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List of songs In The Pen
1.Day In The Park
2.I Protect & Serve
3.Execute & Elude
4.Peace Out
6.Guilty But Not Really
7.Father Son Bonding
8.Under The Uniform
9.Come Get It
10.Kowardice, Korruption, & Kapital Murder

Line up:
Brian Forgue - Guitars (Mouthing The Offal, Gutrot, Mutilated, ex-Mulch, ex-Saprogenic, ex-Rupture Christ, ex-The Virally Enthroned)
Adam Mason - Vocals (Goratory, Sexcrement, ex-Mucopus, ex-Twisted Sacrifice)
Shaun Stiles - Bass (Intestinal Alien Reflux, Inhabit, Mouthing The Offal, Rancid Nut Sauce, ex-Stiles)
Darren Cesca - Drums / Vocals (Deeds Of Flesh, Goratory, Eschaton, Pillory, Rhadamanthys, ex-Virulence, ex-Arsis, ex-Blasphemer, ex-Embers From Cremation, ex-Incinerate, ex-Vile, ex-Burn In Silence, ex-Strappado)
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